A few things I’m working on…


Somewhere it was written that we have God in us

but how much or how little is the eternal mystery

Mortalitiy is bliss due to life being never-ending misery

My eyes are often victimized by wizardry…

I see the same man borned and die 1,000 deaths –

rough estimate, ignorance is his predicate

vanity is the etiquette at a table full of rude fucks

People will now sell off their souls for a few bucks…



I used to call to God, hoping for a levitate

but I’m blessed w/ no patience; hung up, no hesitate

“I’m great”…it’s what I say to reassure my own self.

Do you really know how to save self  from demise,

when you don’t know self; even seen with your own eyes?

Trapped behind these eyes: it’s a Hell of a prison…

nightmarish days take place, was it something I ate-

before dreaming, wishing for better, a little more cheddar

so I could say cheese and smile because I didn’t

get caught in the trap or is the trap aimed to

make me feel at ease before the rope hangs me

by my knees that I should have prayed on

for everyday wronged, every skipped song

all dried tears for brought-to-life fears…



The Color Purple was the first hue I ever viewed,

strange…because all I could see+feel was blue.

Rotate the years and in the news all you hear,

Sin City…Black and White world enriched

how ironic it is that technicolor exists

we’ve overindulged in shades and tans like a beach.

My father didn’t know the mental giant he was Raisin’ in the Sun, that might explain why I’m not so good with money. Everything once deemed sad seems funny later…it just takes longer on a ladder; not the elevator. Cry now, laugh thereafter when the tears dry, brave teh storm until your eyes reach the clear skies.

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  1. Authentic words, some authentic words man. Totally made my day.

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